Privacy Policy

Freebie Fox complies with a strict Privacy Statement as outlined below. The purpose of this statement is for the protection of your privacy and our commitment to it.

How Freebie Fox uses your information

Freebie Fox uses your information primarily for the emails & postal mail we send to you. It is used in this way to personalize what we send and the offers we release to you.

Under no circumstance will Freebie Fox sell or give away your personal information to a third party other than postal records to authorized mailing partners. The only exception to this rule is if your information is required by law or if you specifically agree in giving it out.

Freebie Fox exchanges your profile and demographic data with their Partners for collective purposes only.

Hence, we may for example inform our partners that 40% of our members have an interest in computers.

Security of your information

The information you provide Freebie Fox with is protected through our modern and strong security measures.

These measures protect your information from loss, misuse and alteration. Our security measures are constantly reviewed to ensure we provide the highest protection of your information.

The use of Cookies

Once you become a Freebie Fox member, a cookie is stored in your web browser. Hence, the next time you visit the Freebie Fox site your browser will send the cookie to our web server. The purpose of storing a cookie is for us to identify who you are and prepare a customized web page for you. Be assured that your cookie can be accessed across the Internet only by the Freebie Fox web site. Furthermore, the use of cookies is widely accepted by the Internet community.

Partner web sites

As part of the reward process, Freebie Fox provides links to their partner websites. This privacy statement applies specifically to the Freebie Fox website. When you visit a partner website they employ a separate Privacy Statement which we are not responsible for. Hence, it is advised that when you visit a partner website you read their privacy statement.


The Spam Act refers to spam as “unsolicited commercial electronic messaging”. Electronic messaging covers emails, instant messaging, SMS and other mobile phone messaging. They are only considered to be spam if they are sent without the prior consent of the recipient. Thus, when you sign up as a member of Freebie Fox, you must explicitly agree to allow us to send you commercial advertising emails and postal messages.

As a rule, commercial electronic messages must contain accurate information about the sender of the message and an unsubscribe option allowing members stop receiving messages. Freebie Fox complies with these rules. If at any time you receive an unwanted email or postal message from Freebie Fox please let us know.

If you have questions about any of the practices outlined in this Privacy Statement, please do not hesitate to contact Freebie Fox to resolve the issue.